Work it boho baby

collection Mary ChefferEveryday, 6 years ago
by Mary Cheffer
Work it boho baby- Fashion set
I'm so happy to be able to post Mary Cheffer merchandise in an attractive fashion set again! RIP Polyvore!

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Comments (40)


haikuandkysses, 5 years ago


asia12, 5 years ago

So beautiful!

Meri Kintsurashvili, 6 years ago

That's fine! If I were slim-slim, I gladly wore it in the summer.

Aida Nurkovic, 6 years ago

Beautiful !!!

Cindy Pete , 6 years ago

Pretty outfit!

carola-corana, 6 years ago


Kristina Babić, 6 years ago

Well, you are our fearless leader Mary!!! Bravo!

trustkisha, 6 years ago

Yahoo...already making noise...congrats on set of the day girlfriend

katik27, 6 years ago

beautiful set with boho vibe, dear ;)

Aaliyah Johnson, 6 years ago

congrats dear!! wonderful set

dianefantasy , 6 years ago

Gorgeous dress and look !!

noralyn, 6 years ago

Pretty Set

Kalpana M, 6 years ago

Elegant smile

mapi , 6 years ago

trs chic

HonkyTonkDancer, 6 years ago

Oh so lovely!

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