How to wear a Co-Ord Brass Skirt Set!

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by DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Co-Ord Brass Skirt Set!- Fashion set
This poppy-red Victoria Beckham blazer spotlights the house's affinity for traditional tailoring with a colourful twist. It boasts a streamlined double-breasted silhouette and a trio of classic pockets. Pair it with a matching blazer and a red top. Accessorize with Rossi heels, a Mango scarf and matching jewelry.

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Comments (9)


DiscoMermaid , 4 months ago

Thanks, KateGWest , dehti and JelNik !

JelNik, 4 months ago


dehti, 4 months ago

Elegant outfit!

KateGWest, 4 months ago

So well done!!

DiscoMermaid , 4 months ago

Thanks, Almadiana and siriusfun !

siriusfun, 4 months ago


Almadiana , 4 months ago

Classic, elegant!

DiscoMermaid , 4 months ago

Thanks, zoloto !

zoloto, 4 months ago

I am delighted! Wonderful and stylish!

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