Goddess of Change

collection First DraftsNature, 2 years ago
by FunkyJunkyGypsy
Goddess of Change- Fashion set
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Gianoula , 6 months ago

I love this, so mysterious and magic.

Imisspolyvore, 2 years ago


DHJG387, 2 years ago


beautifulplace, 2 years ago


FunkyJunkyGypsy, 2 years ago

@raininart Will do! THis site doesn't excite me... Thank you!

Marina Dusanic, 2 years ago


raininart, 2 years ago

Hi Gypsy!

Ya know I went over to Olioboard and their tools are much better. It takes a bit of time to navigate but if you have questions you can look me up there. I'm @rainheartart. https://olioboard.com/

I finally got through on Trendme but I had email problems, but I'm disappointed in their lack of art tools. However, we did get an email from Trendme on one of our PV FB Pages and they listed all the updates they're working on. So it's gonna take some time. I'm going to hang out on both Sites and see what happens.

In the meantime, Olio has the art tools and I'm starting to make news Sets again. Sure feels good! smile Take care Sweetie.

FunkyJunkyGypsy, 2 years ago

Glad to see everyone! Not sure I'll stay here. I dislike the inability to collect and organize, but it's something to do to keep those creative juices flowing -- for now! Any better ART site recommendations appreciated!!!

jcmp, 2 years ago

Did your goddess shut down PV?????????

Oh, just kidding...light humor here to put the blame on something so SSENSE-LESS!

I can't get them to properly acknowledge my email so who knows what their problems are. For now, I will just keep in touch, I can't get into trying to create anything close to PV quality.


raininart, 2 years ago

Hi FJG! I was @rainheartcreations on PV, now @raininart on Trendme. Had to shut down my first account here. Too many tech problems on their end but this one works fine. Have a great Wednesday! smile

Rhana , 2 years ago


carola-corana, 2 years ago


Marina Dusanic, 2 years ago

so great

Incogneato, 2 years ago


Etteniotna, 2 years ago

Great! Nice to see you!

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