Home (Made) Weekend

collection FASHION , 3 years ago
by Niwi
Home (Made) Weekend- Fashion set
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Kate O, 3 years ago


Niwi , 3 years ago

Hehe ! Thank you sweetie !
Kate O

Kate O, 3 years ago

Yep !! This is Vero !! Cute Outfit to be comfy in while baking and cooking up a storm !! After that she reads, writes stories and does creative things !! She still needs a Kitty, but that's my opinion !! =D
Hugs, Vero for a really cute and appropriate Set !!

Marina Dusanic, 3 years ago

Niwi , 3 years ago

Thank you dear friends. Je vous embrasse toutes et tous xo

HalfMoonRun, 3 years ago

Pretty cool styling, delightful and healthy things to eat, tea, what it takes to draw, also to write, a lot of books and a pleasant place to be, it is perfect! Autres tendres baisers de la part de chacun de nous.

neverorever , 3 years ago


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