Happy Birthday Kate xo

collection FASHION , 2 months ago
by Niwi
Happy Birthday Kate xo- Fashion set
Happy Birthday my dear friend Kate ! Hope you have a great day with people you love !
Hugs sweetie ;-)

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Comments (8)



beautifulplace, 2 months ago

So beautiful & charming ❤️

Kate O, 2 months ago

Lots of Hugs to You !!

Niwi , 2 months ago

Thank you sweetie ! Have a wonderful day ! smile
Kate O

Paperdollie, 2 months ago

Congratulations........ and happy birthday Kate O

Kate O, 2 months ago

Oh Sweetie, what a Beautiful gift !! I am tickled that you have included all the special things in my life; Meesu, our Cowabunga Boys, a nod to Paris, Fashion and last but not least Birthday Cake !! Yeah !!
Life can't get much better with Friends like You !! Thank You from the bottom of my Heart !! xoxo !! Kate

Michelle858, 2 months ago

. . . and . . . Congratulations on Top Fashion Set of the Day !

Michelle858, 2 months ago

Such a beautiful tribute to dear Kate : )

HalfMoonRun, 2 months ago

What a beautiful set and great gift for your dear friend! xxo

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