Ginger Moon

collection FASHION , 3 months ago
by Niwi
Ginger Moon- Fashion set
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Comments (7)


Kate O, 3 months ago

Huggles !!

Niwi , 3 months ago

Yes I saw the little "Vero" in the set smile Thank you sweetie ! xoxo
Kate O

Kate O, 3 months ago

Niwi ~ I just went outside ( 7:50p on Monday the 25th) and there she was in all her Glory !! Almost Full and right in front of my porch !! Awesome and so Beautiful !! Gave a Big shout out to You !! Couldn't stay out too long because it is really cold and will freeze over night per the weather station !! I left a nod to you in my set . . heehee !! Hugs !!

Niwi , 3 months ago

Absolutely ! I was behind in checking your pages and didn't see your blue Moon before publishing this set smile She's here right now, staring at me through the window hehe ! I'm saying Hello for you, make sure she tells you. She almost round !
Hugs Sweetie xoxo
Kate O

Kate O, 3 months ago

Fabulous Fashion Set, Vero !! I happen to see Ms. Moon a couple of nights ago and said HELLO! !! Seeing her all hazy must have inspired me with my Blue Moon set !! Anyway, Great Minds think alike, right ??

BeBeauty, 3 months ago

very beautiful smile

HalfMoonRun, 3 months ago

A set perfectly well inspired by the moon.

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