Strolling in the city on a sunny autumn morning

collection Autumn/Winter 2020Autumn, Competition 'Autumn Breeze', 3 weeks ago
by Eva Chasioti
Strolling in the city on a sunny autumn morning- Fashion set
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Comments (12)


Eva Chasioti, 6 days ago

Thank you Enchanticals

Enchanticals , 6 days ago

simply gorgeous

Renita , 3 weeks ago

Spectacular set and styling1

Michelle858, 3 weeks ago

beautifulplace THANKS ! The other day I had tried that and it worked. I had never tried that before.

Eva Chasioti, 3 weeks ago

Thank you Michelle858 !!

Eva Chasioti, 3 weeks ago

Thank you beautifulplace !!

DiscoMermaid , 3 weeks ago

Beautiful !

beautifulplace, 3 weeks ago

Michelle858 You can lower the bar down to 4 percent (at cut threshold) then the white (not all, and most of all not all sheer/lace) clothes should be whole. smile

beautifulplace, 3 weeks ago

This is amazing ❤️

JelNik, 3 weeks ago


Michelle858, 3 weeks ago

How you got those white items to cut perfectly and than placed on a black background, I'll never know smile It's phenomenal - great outfit !

neverorever , 3 weeks ago


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