Black/Gray/White look

collection Autumn/Winter 2020Black and White, 2 weeks ago
by Eva Chasioti
Black/Gray/White look- Fashion set
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Comments (10)


Renita , 1 week ago

This is excellent....the set design and the styling, just wonderful!

DiscoMermaid , 2 weeks ago

brilliant set!

BeBeauty, 2 weeks ago

perfection outfit, love every item :D

Michelle858, 2 weeks ago

So excellent ! I love this very much !

Helenelle, 2 weeks ago

So cool!❤️

JelNik, 2 weeks ago

Fantastic set!

Doozer , 2 weeks ago

Awesome Sweetie!! XXO

MarinaSyd, 2 weeks ago

So stylish set and well design!)

lemo, 2 weeks ago

A DREAM heartheartheartheartheart HAPPY WEEKEND! CHE 1000 FILAKIA

HalfMoonRun, 2 weeks ago

Great styling and so beautifully well designed set.

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