Happy Valentine's Day to everyone ♥

collection ART , 3 months ago
by Niwi
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone ♥- Fashion set
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Comments (7)



lemo, 1 month ago

wow so sweet my dear heartheartheart

Kate O, 3 months ago

Vero, I miss the Rodentia Group too !! Things change and that was one of them !! Hugs !!

Niwi , 3 months ago

I've been thinking about your lovely Rodentia sets with this one Kate !
Hugs ! xoxo
Kate O

Niwi , 3 months ago

Thank you dear friends, merci beaucoup ! smile

Kate O, 3 months ago

Yep !! Valentine’s Day is for everyone !! Such an adorable set Vero !! Hugs !!

HalfMoonRun, 3 months ago

Tout simplement adorable et si créatif.

Enchanticals , 3 months ago

So adorable.

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