Сarefree and easy...

collection Весна/Лето 2020Summer, 1 years ago
by Mariamia
Сarefree and easy...- Fashion set
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HalfMoonRun, 1 years ago

love : )

ps: when you want to tag someone, put @ before the name. start typing the name, the site will recognize some that are similar to the one you want and click on the correct name among ones that are given

Mariamia, 1 years ago

Thank you, lemo, Kate O))!

Kate O, 1 years ago

Light and Lovely Spring Look !!

lemo, 1 years ago


Mariamia, 1 years ago

Thank you very much! ) Today in my city +20 degrees of heat and the long-awaited sun!

BeBeauty, 1 years ago

beautiful summer style smile

JelNik, 1 years ago

Wonderful set!

justmetwo, 1 years ago

So pretty ❤️

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