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trendMe style Casual  |  Lives in Croatia  |  Birthday: 16.09.1978
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Street Style Rocking it

Rocking it

collection Street style my way
7 months ago (16 ♥)

City Leather and fur love affair

Leather and fur love affair

collection City look
2 years ago (3 ♥)

City Tako ću i ja

Tako ću i ja

collection Street style my way
4 years ago (5 ♥)

City City inspired

City inspired

collection City look
4 years ago (8 ♥)

Everyday 50 shades of grey

50 shades of grey

collection Street style my way
5 years ago (17 ♥)

City I love this dress!

I love this dress!

collection City look
5 years ago (18 ♥)

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