Navy & White !!

kollektion Spring/Summer 2021Sommer, vor 3 jahrevor
von Kate O
Navy & White !!- Modekombination
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Niwi , vor 2 jahrevor

One year today, miss you, Kate xo

Niwi , vor 2 jahrevor

@sandra Thank you for your words xo

sandra , vor 2 jahrevor

Niwi I had been wondering where she was, I was beginning to worry something might have happened. I am sorry to hear this. I hope she went peacefully and yes she will be missed.

Danijela , vor 2 jahrevor

Fantastic ❤

kari ch, vor 3 jahrevor

heart heart heart

HonkyTonkDancer, vor 3 jahrevor

Kate will be missed and her kindness to others will always be remembered..her sets are beautiful and inspired me. xxoo heart

beleev , vor 3 jahrevor

Always and inspiration.....You will be soo missed....Love and Prayers to your family xoxo heart

BeBeauty, vor 3 jahrevor

I didn't realize it would be your last set. Rest in peace, darling...

Niwi , vor 3 jahrevor

I'm sad beyond words, because my dear friend Kate is gone. She passed away the 8th of July, and let us without her into this crazy world. She's been so brave day after day for all these years, struggling and though still caring for others. I admired her. I still do.
She loved being here, she loved her tM friends and she missed you all so much when she couldn't log in for some days : TrendMe and you all were so vital for her. This was her will that I let you know she's gone.
She left a loving and caring daughter, three grand-children who were the world to her, and a huge emptyness.

Doozer , vor 3 jahrevor

I hope you are ok Kate, miss you. XXO

DiscoMermaid , vor 3 jahrevor


HalfMoonRun, vor 3 jahrevor

Beautiful styling. Very charming creative set.

peewee PV, vor 3 jahrevor

so classic and elegant

KateGWest, vor 3 jahrevor

Another Perfect Set - so well done Ms Kate!!

Michelle858, vor 3 jahrevor


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