La Nouvelle Année, Bientôt

来自收藏: Autumn/Winter 2020新年, 2 个月之前
by HalfMoonRun
La Nouvelle Année, Bientôt- 搭配
The New Year, Soon.
Take good care of yourself and of others.
Have dreams because nothing is possible without first these dreams.
And spread love, even by the smallest gesture. - With LOVE, each of us.

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beleev , 2 个月之前

Beautiful Happy New Year ❤️❤️❤️ !!!

Jungwon Paik, 2 个月之前

Happy New Year! heart

Renita , 2 个月之前

Beautiful! And to all of you a happy and especially healthy 2021!

sandra , 2 个月之前

As always, beautiful and stunning and a happy new year as well smile health, happiness and normalcy, hope you have many of all of them. HalfMoonRun

dgia, 2 个月之前

May this new year bring you much joy and fun.

Helenelle, 2 个月之前

Perfect! Happy New Year sweeties!❤️

MarinaSyd, 2 个月之前

Happy New Year!!heart

beautifulplace, 2 个月之前

Wow so beautiful! Happy New Year Dears!!! ❤️

BeBeauty, 2 个月之前

Happy New Year ♥♥♥

lemo, 2 个月之前

superb,heartheartheart thank you very much my dear for congratulations,"HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

JelNik, 2 个月之前

Fantastic!!!! Happy New Year!

sator, 2 个月之前

So splendid and promising art set and wishes, with the most beautiful soundtrack, Happy New Year! Love

Doozer , 2 个月之前

This is so beautiful Sweetie, Happy New Year!! XXO

Kate O, 2 个月之前

Magical New Year Set !!

HalfMoonRun, 2 个月之前


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