Casual Autumn

Dear trendMe users, and Feclothing fashion brand  are publishing a competition called 'Casual Autumn' for the most creative fashion set and fashion look consisting fashion items, photographs and graphical elements published on the portal.


To be able to participate in the Contest you must be registered trendMe user. To register please click here.

In order to enter in the Contest it is necessary that user while saving the set indicates that the set is submitted for the Contest by choosing the option 'Casual Autumn'.


To start creating the set please click here.


Criteria in selecting a winning set

Selection of the best fashion set and fashion look will be made by a trendMe and Feclothing professional jury. An expert jury will evaluate the fashion sets of the contest participants and will be guided by the following criteria:

Creating the set in the direction of casual autumn

Sets that will earn the points are those that will with its creativity, selection of items, photographs, graphical elements as well as with its composition present the creative work enriched with winter elegance and with simple but effective winter style. The best Casual Autumn set must have unique and personal colour and items selection which will also be able to compete the current fashion winter trends. It must have strongly emphasised personal autumn type adjusted with users fashion preferences and its own fashion art expression. The best Casual Autumn set should preserve the purity of it style enhanced with Casual Autumn attractiveness which will prove the jury that this set has harmonize the texture of fabric style in one unique fashion experience which is in line whit today’s trends expectations.


Creativity and innovation
Evaluation will be based on the originality, creativity, use of fashion items, album and fashion runway photos and graphic elements in an innovative and unique way. Fashion sets that will earn points will be those that best combine fashion items and graphic elements to create a unique and creative fashion set.

Public opinion
Fashion sets that will earn the points will be those with the highest numbers of "Likes" as well as sets that will have good comments from all trendMe users. "Likes" and comments on fashion sets will be taken into consideration only if they reflect public opinion fairly and are consistent with fashion and creative expression.


Public opinion on social network Facebook
Fashion sets that will also earn the points will be the ones which will be posted on users own profile on Facebook and in that way collect large number of Likes as well as positive comments of their friends. As evidence, contest participant must at the end of each contest round send a link to the same set which was posted on Facebook at e-mail address




Three Contest participants whose sets will earn the most points will win:

1st place: Feclothing Vintage Leopard Print High Waist Satin Skirt + 5,000 trendMe points


2nd place: Feclothing Off-the-shoulder printed strapless chest wrap vest +  3,000 trendMe points


3rd place: Feclothing Black and white striped slim vest sling + 2,000 trendMe points


Contest timeline

05th November - Beginning of the Contest
19th November - End of Contest

22th November - Winners Announcement

Other rules

In order to take part in the Contest it is first necessary to register on Contest Participants shall provide accurate personal information upon registration so that in the case of winning their prize can be delivered to them. By applying for the contest participants give their consent to the portal for the collection/processing of their personal data for the purpose of the contest, and agree to publish their names and surnames in addition to the fashion combination if the same was selected as the best.
After registration, Contest Participants take part in the Contest only if during the above mentioned period they "make publicly available" the combination that was created on the portal. Fashion combination are those that are prepared using trendMe tools for creating fashion combinations (which can be found following the link "dressing room") from fashion items, album and runway photos, and graphic elements that trendMe portal offers as well as photographs and graphic elements that can be uploaded by a participant.
In order to enter in the Contest it is necessary that user while saving combinations indicates that the combination is submitted for the Contest by choosing the option 'Casual Autumn'.
Each Contest Participant can place an unlimited number of fashion combinations.
Contest Participant whose fashion combination was selected by the jury as the winning one will be contacted via e-mail and phone. In the case that winner cannot be contacted within 2 days of declaring the winner due to incorrect contact information or if the winner himself/herself doesn't respond, is entitled to give the award to another contest participant with the next best evaluated fashion combination. The winner will be announced on


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