Wordpress widget

Step 1 (uploading the widget):


In your Wordpress Dashboard, click Plugins on the left side of your screen and then click Add New (Plugins > Add New). After that, in the top of the screen in the main menu click Upload (next to button Search). This is the area were you need to upload trendMe widget .zip file. File which you need to Upload can be found here. (Download this file to your PC and remember where you have put it).


After that and in Upload area upload that downloaded file (widget .zip file) from your PC to Wordpress.



Step 2 (Adding the widget):
After you have successfully uploaded your trendMe widget it is time to chose and ad that widget.  
To do that in your Wordpress Dashboard, click Appearance on the left side of your screen and then click Widgets. After that on the right side of the screen under Primary Widget Area chose trendMe Fashion Combination widget, chose language and click Save.
And that's it! Check on your Wordpress blog if you can see your new trendMe widget. Enjoy!





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