Keystone species 1: when you see beavers, ...

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Keystone species 1: when you see beavers, ...- Modna kombinacija
leave them be, they have work to do

For those of you who may not know: Beavers are essential for river maintenance as their dams slow water down and can reduce flooding and erosion

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kiwijam, pred 5 mesecev

Marvellous outfit and what a brilliant set idea! I've never seen a beaver, but if I do, I'll keep that in mind smile

HalfMoonRun, pred 5 mesecev

Beautiful styling and colours. Another great set. (Beavers are everywhere in Canada and Canada likes them so much that a beaver is on the 5 cent coin.) ❤︎

BeBeauty, pred 5 mesecev

wonderful set ♥

Evgeniya7, pred 5 mesecev

❤ It's so cute and informative )) ! ❤

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