TINY Miracles . . .

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od Kate O
TINY Miracles . . .- Modna kombinacija
28 OCT 2020 ~ notice them, embrace them & cherish them !! They are You & Your Life !!

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Kate O, pred 4 tednov

Thanks ever so much Lovely Ladies !!
Renita ~ wish it would rain here !!
Niwi ~ Hugs !! xoxo
peewee PV

Renita , pred 4 tednov

Very appropriate set, it has rained here in NY all week! I wish I had this outfit to wear!

JelNik, pred 4 tednov

Very beautiful!

Niwi , pred 4 tednov

So true and so wise ! Love the set too, casual chic smile
Hugs Sweetie xoxo

dgia, pred 4 tednov

Great mixing,love it!

peewee PV, pred 4 tednov

terrific design and look

Kate O, pred 4 tednov

Hugs and Thanks Sweet Friends !!
HalfMoonRun ~ heart
Michelle858 ~ heartheart

HalfMoonRun, pred 4 tednov

GREAT, both the styling and its colours and your set.

Michelle858, pred 4 tednov

One hundred million miracles are happening every day. (A line from my favorite song from "Flower Drum Song" !)
I love the use of line in this outfit ! Great set, Kate smile

justmetwo, pred 4 tednov

Brilliant ♥

neverorever , pred 4 tednov

Excellent sweetieheart

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