So many . . .

iz kolekcije Autumn/Winter 2020Jesen, pred 3 mesecev
od Doozer
So many . . .- Modna kombinacija
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MarinaSyd, pred 2 mesecev

Love this!heart

Anne Melodies, pred 3 mesecev

Fantastic set dear !

Danijela , pred 3 mesecev

wonderful dear!

Renita , pred 3 mesecev

So colorful and yes, it makes me happy!

BeBeauty, pred 3 mesecev

superb smile

Doozer , pred 3 mesecev

Thank you Sweeties!! XXO
JelNik and dgia

dgia, pred 3 mesecev


JelNik, pred 3 mesecev

Wonderful cardigan! Fantastic look!

Doozer , pred 3 mesecev

Thank you so much Sweeties!! XXO
HalfMoonRun peewee PV lemo beautifulplace
Michelle858 - you are so adorable, your comments always make me smile!! XXO

beautifulplace, pred 3 mesecev

Such a gorgeous colorful look, sweetie ❤️

lemo, pred 3 mesecev

wow so CHIC my dera Doozi heartheartheartheartheart

peewee PV, pred 3 mesecev

vibrant and fun, and right now, I think we need this text on the tee!

Michelle858, pred 3 mesecev

This casual jeans outfit is terrific ! I love the text on the tee, the bag and the ankle boots are fabulous and the composition of the set is marvelous ! Happy, upbeat colors, too heart heart heart heart

HalfMoonRun, pred 3 mesecev

So lovely styling and very happy set with all its colours.

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