Rain in the Forecast ?

iz kolekcije Autumn/Winter 2020Jesen, pred 1 mesec
od Kate O
Rain in the Forecast ?- Modna kombinacija
22 OCT 2020 ~ been told there is a Winter like storm front coming our way that "might" bring some rain !! Fingers Crossed !!

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Kate O, pred 1 mesec

HalfMoonRun ~ Thanks so much Sweet Friends, so far no sign of rain !!
Niwi ~ I am glad to hear your day was both productive and fun !! xoxo

HalfMoonRun, pred 1 mesec

Great styling and an ensemble in perfect harmony with the theme.

Niwi , pred 1 mesec

It was both ! ;-) xoxo

Kate O, pred 1 mesec

Niwi ~ Hugs Sweetie !! Hope your Saturday was productive and if not, I hope it was fun !! xoxo

Niwi , pred 1 mesec

Super ! I'm crossing my fingers too ;-)
Love this denim composition sweetie. Hugs ! xoxo

Kate O, pred 1 mesec

Thanks for the nice comments !!
Doozer ~ of course it is !! So far the temperature is lower, but no rain !!
Renita ~ from your mouth to Mother Nature’s ears !! smile

Doozer , pred 1 mesec

Fabulous Kate!! It's raining here. XXO

Renita , pred 1 mesec

Perfect rainy day style! Hope you get some rain.

Kate O, pred 1 mesec

Thanks Bunches Sweet Friends !!
Michelle858 ~ Yep, good ol' Sac !! Been through a few horrible rainy seasons here !! ;-D

Michelle858, pred 1 mesec

Fabulous ! The worst rain I ever experienced was in Sacramento. While driving. More than once. LOL heart

Danijela , pred 1 mesec

so beautiful dear ❤️

beautifulplace, pred 1 mesec

cute denim look heart

justmetwo, pred 1 mesec

Fabulous Kate ♥

neverorever , pred 1 mesec

Marvelous creation heart

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