Quand Les Yeux Parlent

iz kolekcije Autumn/Winter 2020Ljubezen, pred 2 mesecev
od HalfMoonRun
Quand Les Yeux Parlent- Modna kombinacija
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Enchanticals , pred 2 mesecev

They speak of innocence... Fantastic. Great set design and your photos set such a mood and make one's mind swirl with thoughts and images.

Renita , pred 2 mesecev

Isn't she gorgeous with that oversized bow! Love the colors, pink and red is always a favorite.

sandra , pred 2 mesecev

So cute

Goya, pred 2 mesecev

wonderful set

herasdarne, pred 2 mesecev

Super pretty!

BeBeauty, pred 2 mesecev

amazingly beautiful smile

JelNik, pred 2 mesecev

Real beauty! Superb!

Misshonee, pred 2 mesecev

Stunning ❤

Michelle858, pred 2 mesecev


KateGWest, pred 2 mesecev

Soft and wonderful, too. xok

Aniuska80, pred 2 mesecev

Magnificent, really beautiful set and outfit, love this!

lemo, pred 2 mesecev


Doozer , pred 2 mesecev

So pretty Sweetie!! XXO

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