October mood

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od sandra
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October mood- Modna kombinacija
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beautifulplace, pred 4 tednov

Fabulous look and gorgeous colors! And I love chocolate too!heart

sandra , pred 4 tednov

Michelle858 and HalfMoonRun thank you. While I mostly agree, given where I live I can see the charm of most chocolate. It's a mood really

Michelle858, pred 4 tednov

This is such a lovely set ! HalfMoonRun is 100% correct - the darker the chocolate, the better smile

HalfMoonRun, pred 4 tednov

Superb styling and warm colours. Absolutely delightful set (we LOVE chocolate, and darker the chocolate is, the more we love it).

neverorever , pred 4 tednov

Brilliant Fall creation heart

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