It's Warm Somewhere !!

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от Kate O
It's Warm Somewhere !! - Модное сочетание
21 FEB 2019 ~ Gearing up for the Warmer weather !!
Summer here in Rocklin, California is Hot and I am not looking forward to temps over 90 degrees. Unless I move to a cooler climate I'll have to make the best of it.

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haikuandkysses, до 4 года


Kate O, до 4 года

Thanks Hon !!

JustChris, до 4 года

Such cute set!

Kate O, до 4 года

Meesu is my 5th Kit and none of my others were allowed outside alone. I used to live in the Grass Valley area and my home sat on a hill, so I had a nice front deck that I would occasionally let them out on to sniff around. I would block the stairs with a chair and sit there reading or playing on my iPad. I even took each one out when it snowed one winter and dropped them in the snow on my deck. Talk about fast, they all jumped backwards and ran in the house. It was hilarious !!
Happy Saturday !!

Incogneato, до 4 года

Kate O I wish my kits were always indoors, but it was not an option. They are safe for the most part. Likely the only potential foe would be an otter. The cats either chase raccoon off the property or let them be while they doze on the chairs. Otters have amazing teeth and I have seen one in my yard one year long ago. All cats are neutered or spayed here, so cats aren't really a problem.
Hope you have a great weekend!!

Kate O, до 4 года

Dear Joyce, You are my kinda Gal !! I will stand outside in my nightshirt & robe just to glimpse Ms. Moon and say Hello !! It's cold here also, but, for a few minutes of communing with her it is worth it !!
My Kit isn't allowed outside, too many other cats & critters that are not friendly.
Happy Weekend !!

Incogneato, до 4 года

Niwi Kate O I sat outside (for a short time) and watched her grace as she rose in the southeast. She was brilliant (though not quite as bright as the night prior) as she was silhouetted by trees. However it was well below freezing and I had just my nightie and coat on ... so scrambled back into my room! Cats enjoyed the light too ... allows for great prowling. :(

Kate O, до 4 года

Niwi ~ I told Joyce I would include her in our Friendship with Ms. Moon !!
Unfortunately, I have to be outside to see her, but, I don't mind going out to look for her because I get to say " Hello" to you and now Joyce !!
Happy Happy Weekend !!

Niwi , до 4 года

I'll include Joyce too! Incogneato
First thing this morning (still dark when I wake up) when Isaw Her through the kitchen window, I said "Hello you!".

Kate O, до 4 года

Ahh, so you are a fan of Ms. Moon also !! Vero & I always say hello when we see her and send Hugs to each other !! I'll include you next time !!
I am afraid that this outfit would not help keep me cool in Costa Rica and having no A/C just wouldn't cut it !! :(

Incogneato, до 4 года

Definitely a sweet look - cute shorts! I am with you on moderate climate. My friend in Costa Rica says it’s 95F first thing in the morning and they do not have A/C! The moon was truly glorious last night ... we sat and talked for a while! ❤️ Niwi

Niwi , до 4 года

Yes Kate, she's full and sumptuous! ;-)
xoxo Kate O

Kate O, до 4 года

I Love creating Summer outfits, but, dislike the idea it will be 90+ soon !!
I am trying to relish the cold !! LOL !!
Hugs Vero !! I saw Ms. Moon last night and she was very hazy, but Big and Beautiful !!

Niwi , до 4 года

This is so lovely Kate smile
I see what you mean about summer and I can wait for it as longer as possible hehehe!

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