Beautifiedyou Косметика - The Original beautyblender®

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The Original beautyblender revolutionized the makeup industry. It’s a non-disposable cosmetic sponge applicator that provides high-definition makeup application. Fashioned into a unique shape crafted from exclusive material, you’ll enjoy streak-free application with minimal product waste for a look that’s impeccable. It works great with primer, foundation, cream blushes, powders, concealer, and any other complexion enhancing product. The open cell structure of this exclusive patented design fills with small amounts of water once wet which keeps your makeup from absorbing inside. It’s safe, water-soluble, reusable, and gives you a completely flawless look unlike any other. Benefits: Non-disposable, water-soluble proprietary foam product Provides completely streak-free makeup application Allows for minimal waste of your complexion enhancing products Colored with safe, water-soluble dyes that won’t stain or harm the environment Latex and scent-free Create a flawless application that eliminates lines and streaks with the full line of Beauty Blender products at Authorized Beauty Blender Resellers - 100% Authenticity Guaranteed

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