Winter visit to Wismar

da colecção Wintery setsPraia, antes 2 mêses
de sandra
Winter visit to Wismar- combinação de moda
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HalfMoonRun, antes 2 mêses

So sorry for confusing Wismar with an English town : (
The fact remains that your travel chronicles and beautiful walks are pure happiness. Thank you. ❤︎

sandra , antes 2 mêses

HalfMoonRun glad you like it and the two pairs of different shoes will always return smile This one is in Northern Germany, but the series of underloved places is sure to return don't worry.

HalfMoonRun, antes 2 mêses

Very pretty, comfort and warm styling (the two different shoes are back!) and another very beautiful set which continues your English chronicle of these places of England which deserve to be known. ❤︎

siriusfun, antes 2 mêses

Beautiful set!!!

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