The storms in Europe: a look

da colecção summerNatureza, antes 2 mêses
de sandra
The storms in Europe: a look- combinação de moda
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sandra , antes 2 mêses

HalfMoonRun thank you, glad you like it. I wasn't sure how to make this set.

HalfMoonRun, antes 2 mêses

Impressive creative and how relevant editorial.

sandra , antes 2 mêses

BeBeauty I know, we were on the fringes of the storm where I live and it was a near thing. I was so lucky. We never used to have so much stuff or disposable technology for one. We need to go back to that because in the long run climate change will prove to the most difficult to overcome. We can do so, but we must begin in earnest now

BeBeauty, antes 2 mêses

You are right, it is not only Germany and Belgium, although these countries are currently hit hardest. I am very sorry to see how many people do not respect our planet and do nothing to improve the situation.

sandra , antes 2 mêses

BeBeauty I thought it needed to be said again. If you look at the weather map it is not just Germany and Belgium it is an unusually large area and it is the flip of a coin as to who gets the next record breaking storm. It will hurt far less if we do something to be kinder to our planet then it is to just let it be. To see your house just cave in or worse lose someone you love. I kept hearing people say what is the worst that can happen and see now we know.

BeBeauty, antes 2 mêses

You brought up a very important issue. A consequence of climate change is violent weather phenomena causing the death and suffering of many people. It is terrifying what happened in Germany and Belgium.

beautifulplace, antes 2 mêses


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