How to wear a Short-Sleeve Linen Jumpsuit!

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How to wear a Short-Sleeve Linen Jumpsuit!- combinação de moda
James Perse uses quality fabrics that withstand plenty of washes and wears. This collared jumpsuit is cut from lightweight, breathable linen in a slightly loose silhouette and has drawstring ties to cinch the waist. Wear yours with chunky sneakers. Gray-green linen. Button fastenings along the front. Accessorise with grey flats, a color block handbag, and matching jewelry.

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DiscoMermaid , antes 3 mêses

Thanks, Kate O !

Kate O, antes 3 mêses

Love Jumpsuits !1 This Grey one would be so versatile. Add some color and it would bw Awesome !!

DiscoMermaid , antes 3 mêses

Thanks, JelNik , beleev and herasdarne !

herasdarne, antes 3 mêses

Love it!

beleev , antes 3 mêses

Love ❤️❤️❤️

JelNik, antes 3 mêses

Love this summer outfit!

Goya, antes 3 mêses

you're welcome

DiscoMermaid , antes 3 mêses

Thanks, Goya !

Goya, antes 3 mêses

love this look

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