How to wear a Strapless Silk Draped Gown!

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How to wear a Strapless Silk Draped Gown!- combinação de moda
Alexandre Vauthier's designs are seen on just about every red carpet, and with good reason: he brings couture craftsmanship to sexy, vanguard party wear. From Fall '20, this strapless gown is made from draped silk chiffon that looks like liquid metal. Complement the shade with Judith Leiber clutch, silver detailed sandals, and matching earrings.

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DiscoMermaid , antes 1 anos

Thanks, BeBeauty !

BeBeauty, antes 1 anos

flawless ♥

DiscoMermaid , antes 1 anos

Thanks, justmetwo !

justmetwo, antes 1 anos

Stunning ♥

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