How to wear a Embellish Feather Long Sleeve Gown!

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How to wear a Embellish Feather Long Sleeve Gown!- combinação de moda
Zuhair Murad is a brand that is a celebrity favorite having graced the red carpet worn by the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Stewart, and Katy Perry. Wear this Nude pink embellished feather gown and accessorize with Dolce & Gabbana sandals, a Judith Lieber clutch, and matching Vivienne Westwood jewelry.

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DiscoMermaid , antes 12 mêses

Thank you, Eva Chasioti ,dgia , Helenelle , BeBeauty , kari ch ,lemo , Sherlin , MarinaSyd and beleev !

beleev , antes 12 mêses

Soo lovely ❤️❤️❤️Congratulations !!!!! xoxo

MarinaSyd, antes 12 mêses


Sherlin, antes 12 mêses


lemo, antes 12 mêses


kari ch, antes 12 mêses

Congratulations heart

BeBeauty, antes 12 mêses

brilliant ♥ congrats

Helenelle, antes 12 mêses

Chic & elegant, congrats!

dgia, antes 12 mêses

Congrats,what a perfect gown!

Eva Chasioti, antes 12 mêses


beautifulplace, antes 12 mêses

So romantic & chic! Congrats dear ❤️

Kate O, antes 12 mêses

Congrats on Set of the Day !!

justmetwo, antes 12 mêses

Congrats dear,sensational ♥

jacksondobe, antes 12 mêses

Pretty!! Congratulations!! Yay!! heartheartheart

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