White Christmas Dream

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White Christmas Dream- combinação de moda
04 DEC 2019 ~ I have had all kinds of weather at Christmas; from snow at a cabin in Lake Tahoe, rain and fog in Rocklin and 90 degrees in Scottsdale, Arizona. Of course having a White Christmas is a dream for many but it's who you share it with, not where you are or what temperature it is outside. Have a Blessed Season my Friends !!

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Kate O, antes 3 horas

Thanks Hon !!
peewee PV

peewee PV, antes 4 horas

very elegant

Kate O, antes 5 horas

Hugs & Thanks my Sweet Friends !!
elenaviola ~ heart

elenaviola, antes 9 horas

Marvelous outfit and true words, dear! It is very important who is near on that day!

beautifulplace, antes 11 horas

Soo beautiful & chic christmas look ♥

Kate O, antes 11 horas

Thanks Sweetie!!

BeBeauty, antes 11 horas

fab set smile

Kate O, antes 16 horas

Thanks so much !!

justmetwo, antes 17 horas

What a wonderful set
& look

Kate O, antes 18 horas

Thanks my Sweet Special Friends !! I appreciate your nice comments !!

HalfMoonRun, antes 23 horas

Very beautiful styling and great set.

neverorever , antes 1 dia

Extraordinary dear Katesmileheart

ArtFashionByRomilly , antes 1 dia


JelNik, antes 1 dia

Wonderful Christmas set!

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