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Priority! - combinação de moda
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FreeBird, antes 3 anos


Joanonfashion, antes 3 anos

Time for Paris - Great set - takes me pack to my days visiting museums! Once at the biennale in Venice - walking the town- I needed a can of coke and an expresso to carry on at the exhibition. Have a nice day.

Anne Irene , antes 3 anos

Awesome !!! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments dear smile))

Suburbhater , antes 3 anos

Tip - see how some of the white remained in the text? Sometimes when there is a transparency that happens - if you go to Background, and then click Remove Background, often that white bit will revert to transparent (not always but often enough to be worth trying)

Lottie Farren, antes 3 anos

Fabulous, we are all getting better x

CraftyGeminiCreation , antes 3 anos

Really fantastic!!

haikuandkysses, antes 3 anos


mrsgena, antes 3 anos

Yes, please!

Suburbhater , antes 3 anos

You doing great!

Laura Young, antes 3 anos

Very cool set!

Dianne Collier, antes 3 anos

*piece haha

Dianne Collier, antes 3 anos

Stunning piwce xxx

Doozer , antes 3 anos

Awesome, and yes, always coffee first!! XXO

lastchance , antes 3 anos

L♥ve this Joyce x

br0k3n, antes 3 anos

Love this! Good to see u on here too from old poly days smile

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