How to wear a Hole-Punched Trench Coat!

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od DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Hole-Punched Trench Coat!- Kreacja
The iconic trench meets its match with your hole puncher...sound good? Then it's time you met this trench coat from Maison Margiela; in a fully perforated design, this piece takes your usual relaxed-yet-tailored style to a whole new level. Because trenches are more exciting than stationary. Pair it with a Bottega Veneta shirt dress. Accessorise with a bold belt, black pumps, a Dior handbag, and matching jewelry.

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Komentarze (6)


DiscoMermaid , przed 1 miesiąc

Thanks, BeBeauty and dgia !

dgia, przed 1 miesiąc


BeBeauty, przed 1 miesiąc

so stylish smile

DiscoMermaid , przed 1 miesiąc

Thanks, neverorever and Michelle858 !

Michelle858, przed 1 miesiąc

I love this ! Would love to have this amazing outfit - the coat is super outstanding ! ! !

neverorever , przed 1 miesiąc

Excellent look

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