Winter is Coming !!

z kolekcji Winter 2019 Zima, przed 1 lat
od Kate O
Winter is Coming !!  - Kreacja
29 NOV 2019 ~ it isn't officially Winter, but, tell that to Mother Nature !! It's been really cold at night and there is frost !! Definitely digging out my Winter Wardrobe !! Yippee !!

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Niwi , przed 1 lat


Kate O, przed 1 lat

It's very festive even though I haven't used half of my Christmas decorations !! I finished around 10pm and then sat and admired the lights for awhile. xoxo

Niwi , przed 1 lat

It must be so charming! smile

Kate O, przed 1 lat

Hugs Vero ! Right now it’s raining and has been for 2 days. It’s a cold rain with a stiff breeze. Makes it seem colder than it really is. I have been decorating for Christmas and I am almost finished. Just need to do the outside and hang some lights in my front window. I always decorate the first weekend in December!! =D

Niwi , przed 1 lat

Yep! I can feel it coming! smile
Lovely set sweetie ! xo

Kate O, przed 1 lat

HalfMoonRun ~ Brrr !!! That is cold !! It’s been over 10 years since I’ve lived in snow country. I miss it but I am not sure I would fair to well driving in it anymore. I like the convenience of being able to get to the store, appointments, etc. and not having to deal with the snow and the crazy people !! Hugs !!

HalfMoonRun, przed 1 lat

Perfect to enjoy a beautiful winter day which comes before time.
In Montréal, the snow that has fallen
stayed on the ground and it is - 6 degrees Celsius / 20 degrees Fahrenheit under a resplendent sun. Yes, it is already winter.

Kate O, przed 1 lat

Thanks Sweetie !! That's Darn Cold in Seattle !! Hope you are wearing your Long Johns !!

Doozer , przed 1 lat

Wonderful Sweetie!!! It's 20 degrees here this morning. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Kate O, przed 1 lat

@cilita ~ Thanks so much !!

cilita , przed 1 lat


Kate O, przed 1 lat

Thanks Bunches my Sweet Friends !!
KateGWest ~ heart
peewee PV ~ indeed they do !!

KateGWest, przed 1 lat

love the layout of this set (p.s. you do winter scenes very well).

peewee PV, przed 1 lat

Those boots mean business- great set!

beautifulplace, przed 1 lat

Lovely, warm & charming♥

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