Happy belated birthday: a summer child style

z kolekcji summerLato, przed 6 miesięcy
od sandra
Happy belated birthday: a summer child style- Kreacja
sorry I'm late with the 2/3 of the birthday. I saw it was the ninth today and I've only just noticed I hadn't published this set yet.

Hope you had a great day and that my edgy yet chique style worked out.

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BeBeauty, przed 6 miesięcy

beautiful set ♥ Happy birthday HalfMoonRun

sandra , przed 6 miesięcy

HalfMoonRun I was hoping you'd like this, I was going for some bold leo vibes and as always you are welcome, I hope you enjoyed your day and it was everything you wished for smile

justmetwo, przed 6 miesięcy

Fabulous set & a big Happy Birthday from me ♥

HalfMoonRun, przed 6 miesięcy

Thanks to you too Evgeniya7 for your happy birthday wish. LOVE

HalfMoonRun, przed 6 miesięcy

sandra You're such an adorable girl! Thank you very much for this marvelous inspired gift (set). I'm truly amazed that you have remembered this other birthday date (there is never late when it comes to kindness.) LOVE, the summer child.

Evgeniya7, przed 6 miesięcy

❤️ It's so cute! I am happy to join in the congratulations! Happy birthday, beautiful and talented HalfMoonRun ! ❤️

sandra , przed 6 miesięcy

HalfMoonRun this one is for you, I've been thinking about this set for a while and yet I was still late, sorry about that

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