Not Over Yet !!

z kolekcji Spring/Summer 2020Lato, przed 11 miesięcy
od Kate O
Not Over Yet !!- Kreacja
09 SEP 2020 ~ Don't put your Summer Fashion away just yet !! From the looks of the weather map Summer is hanging on and causing havoc in some places !!
We have another 2 weeks until it's officially Autumn, maybe things will change for the better by then !! Fingers Crossed !!!

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Kate O, przed 11 miesięcy

Hugs & Thanks !!

Michelle858, przed 11 miesięcy

Such a very pretty outfit !

Kate O, przed 11 miesięcy

Thanks !!

Renita , przed 11 miesięcy

So soft and pretty!

Kate O, przed 11 miesięcy

Danijela ~ Thanks so much !!

Danijela , przed 11 miesięcy

fabulous dear ♥

Kate O, przed 11 miesięcy

HalfMoonRun ~ Last night was a first in quite awhile I actually had my windows open !! I have difficulty sleeping and even though I have a ceiling fan it just isn't the same as fresh air !! We are still being warned of smoke and poor air quality, but for now I'll enjoy the fresher air !!
Yes, we have numerous enemies and we are working hard on getting them " all " extinguished and behind us.
It makes me very happy to hear that you think about me and Meesu !! You are so kind !! Hugs Big Time !!

Kate O, przed 11 miesięcy

Thanks Sweetie !!

HalfMoonRun, przed 11 miesięcy

For sure that we are greatly enjoying this cool weather after a particularly scorching summer.
It's very kind of you to ask to take care of us and we do so. Our only enemy is this damn Covid-19. You have more enemies than we have.
You need to protect yourself from this coronavirus, forest fires, the poor quality of the air, the temperature that is still too hot ... but also from a guy who continues to say anything.
So, dear Kate O ,
take good care of yourself too and be careful. We think of you a lot and of Meesu, of course. XOXO

BeBeauty, przed 11 miesięcy

it's a beautiful sunny and warm weather here in Poland, so I would love to wear it today smile

Kate O, przed 11 miesięcy

Awww, You are so Sweet to share !! What a definite difference from Paris & Rocklin compared to Montreal !! I would take the 55 degrees any day !! I have hope Autumn will arrive soon and all the heat and fires here will be a memory !! Please take care and enjoy the cool weather !!

HalfMoonRun, przed 11 miesięcy

Very, very pretty and feminine styling. Soft and charming set.
(27 °C / 81 °F in Paris
32 °C / 90 °F in Rocklin
13 °C / 55 °F not far from Montréal
We have a very pleasant foretaste of autumn that we would like to share with you.)

Kate O, przed 11 miesięcy

Thanks Sweet Friends !!
Niwi ~ My t's and shorts aren't going anywhere either !! =D xoxo !!

dehti, przed 11 miesięcy

Perfect editorial! Very cute.

beautifulplace, przed 11 miesięcy

What a perfect set, sweetie ❤️

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