Black & Silver

z kolekcji Spring/Summer 2020Styl uliczny, przed 2 miesięcy
od Kate O
Black & Silver - Kreacja
07 APR 2020 ~ After this mornings trek to the Grocery store at 6 am I was exhausted !! Wearing a face mask & trying to stay 6 ft away from other shoppers while trying to get the items I needed was a workout !! Kinda had a dark mood brewing until I got home.
This too shall pass !!
Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy !!

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Kate O, przed 2 miesięcy

Hugs Sweet Vero !! Hope Your Sunday is Good !! xoxo

Niwi , przed 2 miesięcy

Poor sweetie :(
Hope next time is not as stressful as this one.
My first attemp was the worst. With time we adapt our way of doing things (and the grocery list to take items we can keep for long or cook and transform to extend their shelf life). Anithing that allows to avoid to go back shopping too soon is good to take.
Have a sweet and restful Sunday Kate ! Hugs !

Kate O, przed 2 miesięcy

Dear Vero, it was my first attempt at shopping and it was very stressful !
Halfway through the trek I started to have trouble breathing because of the mask and by the time I was done and putting the groceries in my car I felt like I was going to collapse and I had to sit down !! Definitely not a very pleasant experience, but, I'll be better prepared next time !!
Hugs Sweetie !!

Niwi , przed 2 miesięcy

Oh wow! This must have been some comando raid ! Not very easy neither pleasant but we can't avoid it ; I understand Kate, I try not to have to do it as less often as possible.
Love the set, it sticks perfectly with the mood smile
Hugs Kate ! xo

Kate O, przed 2 miesięcy

Thanks Sweetie !!

beautifulplace, przed 2 miesięcy

Stunning black attire ❤️

Kate O, przed 2 miesięcy

Thanks Bunches Sweet Friends !!
Marina Dusanic

Marina Dusanic, przed 2 miesięcy

fab set

Marina Dusanic, przed 2 miesięcy

fab set

Michelle858, przed 2 miesięcy

New Yawker ROFL ! ! !
Have a most excellent Wednesday, Kate smile

neverorever , przed 2 miesięcy

Fantastic look...Every piece is amazingsmile

JelNik, przed 2 miesięcy

Just awesome!!!! This outfit can say a lot about a person who wears it.

BeBeauty, przed 2 miesięcy

cool black style smile

justmetwo, przed 2 miesięcy

Fabulous,love it ❤️

Kate O, przed 2 miesięcy

Thank You so very much to all my Favorite Friends !!
Michelle858 ~ heart heart Hugs back at you Ms. New Yawker !!

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