Even with everything else going on . . . .

z kolekcji Autumn/Winter 2020Jesień, przed 1 miesiąc
od Kate O
Even with everything else going on . . . .- Kreacja
24 OCT 2020 ~ I am still enjoying the Season
. . . and "WHY THE HELL NOT ?? "
Nothing can stop Autumns arrival, nor it's Beauty, not Covid-19, Riots, Wildfires, Hurricanes, dire Economy, a contentious election or a divisive &, dangerous leader.
I'm still loving this Beautiful Autumn Season !!

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Kate O, przed 1 miesiąc

Hugs Vero !! Meesu is my window kitty, give her access to a window and she is happy !! I wish it was that simple for me !! :-|

Niwi , przed 1 miesiąc

And you are so right to do so, because Autumn is also an important part or our current life, at least as much as all the rest.
Love this set, with a wink at Meesu, love the cat shadow behind the window ;-)
Hugs Kate ! xoxo

Kate O, przed 1 miesiąc

DiscoMermaid ~ Thanks Sweetie !!

DiscoMermaid , przed 1 miesiąc


Kate O, przed 1 miesiąc

Yes Indeed !! Autumn is Awesome !!

Michelle858, przed 1 miesiąc

Awesome for Autumn ! ! !

Kate O, przed 1 miesiąc

neverorever ~ Thanks Sweetie !!

Kate O, przed 1 miesiąc

Super Humongous Hugs my Sweet Friends !!
HalfMoonRun ~ I truly appreciate your support here on trendMe, all the wonderful and positive comments on my sets keeps me creating and knowing you are standing beside me in the fight to save America gives me hope and peace of mind !! xoxo !!!
Renita ~ I have been watching the news and hearing about the awesome turnout of voters in the states that allow early in person voting !! Gives me Hope !! I vote by mail, got my ballot on the 5th and sent it back on the 6th !! I voted all Blue !! Polyvore and now tM has kept me sane !!
So pleased to see former PV peeps here and to make new friends on tM !! Hugs Sweetie for all your wonderful comments and congrats !!

neverorever , przed 1 miesiąc

Splendid Fall look heart

MarinaSyd, przed 1 miesiąc


HalfMoonRun, przed 1 miesiąc

Lovely cozy styling. A very pretty tribute to the beauty that autumn brings. Greetings to you and Meesu from all of us. (We are with you wholeheartedly.)

Renita , przed 1 miesiąc

I'm with you all the way Kate! This site is a positive diversion for me from all the craziness! New York just started early voting today...Yay! Vote Blue
Love the pretty blue tones of this set!

JelNik, przed 1 miesiąc

So lovely!!!

beautifulplace, przed 1 miesiąc

So very lovely & cozy ❤️

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