Beautiful Things

dalla collezione Winter 2020 , prima 1 mesefa
di KateGWest
Beautiful Things- Combinazione di moda
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Enchanticals , prima 7 giornifa

So sleek, sexy, but elegant, and so gorgeous!

KateGWest, prima 1 mesefa

I am having hard time typing ...

KateGWest, prima 1 mesefa

I want you all to know these are touching / thoughtful comments and I appreciate each of you, thank you. xo kgw

beautifulplace Gianoula Michelle858 (XO) neverorever smile
ArtFashionByRomilly smile HalfMoonRun Kate O

beautifulplace, prima 1 mesefa

Sensational styling ❤️

Gianoula , prima 1 mesefa

Very creative heart heart heart

Michelle858, prima 1 mesefa

A beautiful tropical feel to this lovely outfit. Makes you want to take a get away excursion to the tropics. SO very lovey, dear Kate smile

neverorever , prima 1 mesefa

Excellent sweetiesmile

ArtFashionByRomilly , prima 1 mesefa

I love this set! It is unusual and very eye catching smile

HalfMoonRun, prima 1 mesefa

Superb styling. So beautifully designed set.

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Fabulous !!

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