Orange & Black Makes a Beautiful Heart!

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di cure kitty
Orange & Black Makes a Beautiful Heart!- Combinazione di moda
Orange & Black Makes a Beautiful Combination to Wear this Fall when you want to make a Powerful Statement! No Amount of Physical Beauty will ever be as Valuable as a Beautiful Heart and you'll be all Heart in this Fabulous Fall Look!!!


Perfume Inspiration: Stella Eau de Parfum by TOCCA

Musical Inspiration: Hold Back Your Love by White Lies

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Ewa Naukowicz, prima 5 mesifa


Fashion Design, prima 9 mesifa


Doozer , prima 9 mesifa


lemo, prima 9 mesifa


audionfashion , prima 9 mesifa


malenafashion2, prima 9 mesifa

Lovely. Congrats!

Michelle858, prima 9 mesifa

Set of the day Congratulations ! This is so lovely - I think the sweater is fabulous smile

Kate O, prima 9 mesifa

Congrats !!

Georgine Dagher, prima 9 mesifa

Congratulations heart

neverorever , prima 9 mesifa


HalfMoonRun, prima 9 mesifa

Congratulations on your Set Of The Day.

beautifulplace, prima 9 mesifa

Fabulous set, dear!
Congratulations ❤️

cure kitty, prima 9 mesifa

Wow!!! Thank You webmaster(s) @trendMe for placing my set on the Set of the Day List today 10/09/2019!!! I appreciate it very much!!!

neverorever , prima 9 mesifa

So Pretty

beleev , prima 9 mesifa

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!!! xoxo Wow !!!!!

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