Summer storms around the corner

dalla collezione summerEstate, prima 2 mesifa
di sandra
Summer storms around the corner- Combinazione di moda
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sandra , prima 2 mesifa

@lemo you're welcome. It was a beautiful and magical set after all. Hopefully you can stay healthy and happy as well

lemo, prima 2 mesifa

SO ELEGANTheartheartheartheartheart GREETINGS!

lemo, prima 2 mesifa

My dear Sandra,thank you so much for beautiful Kommentar,and Heart,heartheartheartheartheart STAY HEALTY!,1000kisses

Michelle858, prima 2 mesifa

Top Fashion Set Congratulations ! ! ! Such a lovely outfit !

neverorever , prima 2 mesifa


HalfMoonRun, prima 2 mesifa

Beautifully feminine styling. Another fantastic set.

beautifulplace, prima 2 mesifa


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