Un hiver parisien

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di Kate O
Un hiver parisien - Combinazione di moda
13 JAN 2020 ~ would love to experience Paris in Winter !!
My Bucket List gets longer & longer !!

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Niwi , prima 1 mesefa

yes, especially underground ! I couldn't see any thing of the beauty of Paris while cumuting ;-)

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Niwi ~ It was hiding in plain sight, just really small !! LOL !! Well you did say you only went there for work and didn't enjoy the commute, so I understand that you would not want to be there any longer than necessary. Hugs !! Happy Saturday !!

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Carmen Creation ~ Thanks Sweetie !!

Niwi , prima 1 mesefa

Yes, I found it hehe ! Thank you sweetie ;-) xoxo
I've never seen Paris under the snow you know... When I was working far from home I used the public transports and arriving in Paris, they all dived under the ground until the other side of the town when we were back up on the surface....

Carmen Creation , prima 1 mesefa

Warm outfit for visiting Paris France in winter!

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Hugs and Thanks ! I can only imagine how Paris would look and feel like in Winter snow. Looking at photos isn’t the same as experiencing it first hand. It’s all I have because I know I’ll never get to visit France again.
Niwi ~ Did you find your little gift ?? xoxo

Niwi , prima 1 mesefa

Paris under the snow looks magical smile Beautiful set sweetie, Time flies, seasons are passing, and Paris remains the same.
Hugs ! xoxo

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Thanks Hon !!

dressi, prima 1 mesefa

absolut PERFEKT!❤️

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Thanks ever so much !!
Anne Irene

Anne Irene , prima 1 mesefa

Chic feminine winter look !!!! ❤️

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Thanks so much Sweet Friends !!

JelNik, prima 1 mesefa

Wonderful outfit and the set!

dgia, prima 1 mesefa

Si joli!

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Hugs & Thanks my Sweet Friends !!
HalfMoonRun ~ xoxo !!

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