Summer Vogue

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Summer Vogue- Combinazione di moda
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haikuandkysses, prima 4 settimanefa


Carmen Creation's , prima 4 settimanefa


beleev , prima 2 mesifa

Yes....thenycbaglady ..It is in fact Jerry Hall !! May 1975 Photographed by Norman Parkinson

beleev , prima 2 mesifa

Thanks Beautiful Dears....
thenycbaglady....I am not really sure. I will try to find out Dear.
@Kate O ...I had a baby blue princess phone too !!!!

Kate O, prima 2 mesifa

Awesome Vintage photo and summer look !! I had a baby blue Princess phone when I was 16 !!

thenycbaglady, prima 2 mesifa

Gorgeous.. Is that Jerry Hall?

beautifulplace, prima 2 mesifa

Sensational look and colors, sweetie!heart

beleev , prima 2 mesifa

Awe...I love your amusing and entertaining comments !!!! You are such a Dear....Thank-You Incogneato xoxo

Incogneato, prima 2 mesifa

Underwater phone calls ... whatever will they think of next! Beautiful!

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