Good News !!

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di Kate O
Good News !! - Combinazione di moda
24 MAY 2019 ~ Fridays are always a "Good News" Day !! Fridays with a long Weekend is a " Great News" Day !!

Have a Great Weekend !!

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haikuandkysses, prima 1 annifa


Kate O, prima 1 annifa

Thank You Dear Friends !!
Bev Martin

@Niwi ~ heartheart

dressi, prima 1 annifa


HalfMoonRun, prima 1 annifa

very lovely styling and colours, and charming set ♥

Niwi , prima 1 annifa

Thank you sweetie, happy Saturday to you smile xoxo

Bev Martin, prima 1 annifa


Kate O, prima 1 annifa

Thanks Bunches Sweet Friends !!
@peewee PV
Niwi ~ A short workday and on a Friday is perfect !! I love that You and Juliet can get together to catch up over Lunch !! Getting your shopping done for the weekend feels good, I am sure. It isn't one of my favorite things to do, but, a necessity !! Happy Saturday !! xoxo !!

Niwi , prima 1 annifa

Ah! the week was a bit hard so I enjoy Friday when it came yesterday, indeed. On Friday I only work till 12:30, then I go and fetch my sister Juliet and we have lunch into one of our favorite and local (and cheap) restaurant. And after this, we go shopping. A pleasant way to enter the weekend, and to quickly get rid of shopping for the weekend ;-)
Lovely set Kate, beautiful color and summer mood!

peewee PV, prima 1 annifa

fabulous look!

Kate O, prima 1 annifa

Thanks Sweetie !!

neverorever , prima 1 annifa


Kate O, prima 1 annifa

Thank You Lovely Ladies !!
Incogneato ~ actually, so would I now that I have lost over 40 lbs !!
Doozer ~ Hugs Deb !! You too !!

Incogneato, prima 1 annifa

Or as the kids say here ... Frinally! I would wear this outfit in a heart beat!

Doozer , prima 1 annifa

Fantastic Sweetie, have a fabulous Friday!! XXO

sandra , prima 1 annifa

so lovely

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