42 Degrés Celsius / 108 Degrees Fahrenheit

dalla collezione Spring/Summer 2019Estate, prima 1 annifa
di HalfMoonRun
42 Degrés Celsius / 108 Degrees Fahrenheit- Combinazione di moda
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VeneziaDea , prima 1 annifa

Fabulous summer set, sweeties. heart

Niwi , prima 1 annifa

Hope you manage to stay cool smile Lovely and appropriate set!

beleev , prima 1 annifa

Absolutely Divine Set...Love the use of the Green !!! Bravo !!!

haikuandkysses, prima 1 annifa


Incogneato, prima 1 annifa

Wow, such heat and not even July! Best to stay close to a beach or pool, and Don this lovely kimono if you must! Exquisite creation! ❤️

beautifulplace, prima 1 annifa

Perfect look for a hot summer day!! ❤️

Doozer , prima 1 annifa

Fantastic Sweetie!! XXO

Kate O, prima 1 annifa

Fabulous and Oh, SO HOT !!

neverorever , prima 1 annifa


Michelle858, prima 1 annifa


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