French urban or French modern bohemian

dalla collezione CityCittà, prima 7 mesifa
di sandra
French urban or French modern bohemian- Combinazione di moda
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haikuandkysses, prima 5 mesifa


beautifulplace, prima 7 mesifa

Sensational dear!

neverorever , prima 7 mesifa

Magnificent creation dear heart

sandra , prima 7 mesifa

HalfMoonRun well of course we forgot our shoes, who doesn't when you're about to climb a roof smile

I knew you'd spot what I was going for with this combination. Whatever look you chose don't let it be ordinary is the principle

HalfMoonRun, prima 7 mesifa

Gorgeous styling and perfect set.
As often happens to her, Madame walks (this time on the roofs or elsewhere in Paris) without shoes.
French urban or French modern bohemian?
Urban yes, but it seems to us that there is a bohemian touch suggested by the style of the dress and the pendant necklace.
One thing is certain, we LOVE this other set created by you.

sandra , prima 7 mesifa

dgia and Michelle858

Fair point, hence my own confusion. The French never seem to go full on casual though. For some reason there always seems to be a bit of lace or silk added. Or clothes that are just very well cut.

Michelle858, prima 7 mesifa

I like...I would say FRENCH URBAN . In my opinion, Bohemian is a very loose style description. I am always confused as to what "Bohemian" is based on or what it's influences are. Most of the Bohemian sets on here are so beautiful, I do like them. Most are very feminine and pretty. This outfit is fabulous heart

dgia, prima 7 mesifa

I prefer french urban!

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