Winter Weight Sweaters

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di Kate O
Winter Weight Sweaters - Combinazione di moda
11 JAN 2021 ~ Love Winter Weight Sweaters !!
They are knitted especially for cold weather and when worn with a long sleeve Tee underneath they can be worn without a coat or jacket for quick trips in and out of the cold Winter Weather.

Stay Safe and Warm !!

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Commenti (16)


Kate O, prima 2 mesifa

sandra ~ I miss sets all the time !! Hugs !! Thanks !!

sandra , prima 2 mesifa

Why haven't I seen this before, it's gorgeous

Kate O, prima 2 mesifa

Hee,hee !! Sweater and jeans, you can’t go wrong with that !! Schlepping around the house I will wear a Sweatshirt and save my sweaters for going out !! ;-)

Niwi , prima 2 mesifa

I'm a knitted sweater person ! Almost wearing only this in winter, often paired with blue or black jeans. This looks really warm and comfy smile
Hugs sweetie ! xo

Kate O, prima 2 mesifa

Thanks Bunches !!

Michelle858, prima 2 mesifa

So cozy, warm and lovable outfit heart

BeBeauty, prima 2 mesifa

lovely Winter outfit smile

HalfMoonRun, prima 2 mesifa

Great styling. Love, love the colours. Beautiful set with its winter light.

Nymue, prima 2 mesifa

Gorgeous Winter Set

countrycuz, prima 2 mesifa


Anne Irene , prima 2 mesifa

Fantastic winter look !!!! ❤️

Doozer , prima 2 mesifa

Love this Kate!! XXO

lemo, prima 2 mesifa


beautifulplace, prima 2 mesifa

Wonderful & warm winter look ❤️

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