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di Kate O
Trending Winter . . .- Combinazione di moda
08 JAN 2021 ~ Love that the Winter season allows me to stay home, binge on movies, cuddle under blankets, snack by the fireplace, wear PJ's all day if I want, play on trendMe for hours and I don't feel guilty !! Yes !!!

Happy Friday Ya'll !!

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Kate O, prima 3 mesifa

Thanks so much !!

Goya, prima 3 mesifa

I love this outfit .

Kate O, prima 3 mesifa

Thanks Sweetie !!
peewee PV

peewee PV, prima 3 mesifa

so wonderful

Niwi , prima 3 mesifa

xo smile

Kate O, prima 3 mesifa

Hugs & Thanks Sweet Friends !!
Niwi ~ Been having dreary mornings with fog, but it clears in the afternoon. Fog & Rain is the norm for Winter here. Had a few days of rain, but, nothing significant. It's been crisp and clear at night which is how I get to visit with Ms. Moon !! Hugs !!

Niwi , prima 3 mesifa

Charming and elegant combination Kate, and a wintery mood I like with this beautiful background. It's been rather cold here, more than usual, with mornings in 0°, ou minus. For you to get an idea 0°C is 32°F.
What is the most unpleasant is the hight humidity level. But I do like winter though, like you smile
Hugs Kate ! xoxo

BeBeauty, prima 3 mesifa

love this denim outfit smile

Kate O, prima 3 mesifa

Thank You One and All !!
Michelle858 ~ the background image is of a Foggy day !! Normal Sac weather in Winter !!

Doozer , prima 3 mesifa

Wonderful Sweetie!! XXO

HalfMoonRun, prima 3 mesifa

Very lovely styling. Beautiful set with its dreamy background.

Michelle858, prima 3 mesifa

Superb outfit. The background has a very lovely dream-like quality heart heart

neverorever , prima 3 mesifa

Phenomenal heart

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