Snow Day 2021

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di Kate O
 Snow Day 2021- Combinazione di moda
03 JAN 2021 ~ Must have my Winter Wonderland fix at least once a year !! Just walking through a Wintery scene clears my mind and soul !!

Happy Winter Friends !!

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Niwi , prima 3 mesifa


Kate O, prima 3 mesifa

Thanks Bunches !!
Anne Irene
Niwi ~ Hmmmm, not sure I would want to try !! ;-)

Anne Irene , prima 3 mesifa

Fabulous winter look !!!! ❤️

Niwi , prima 3 mesifa

Happy winter sweetie ! Those outfits look so warm and comfy, I could walk for hours in the snow... maybe ;-)
Hugs Kate xoxo

Kate O, prima 3 mesifa

Thanks so much Lovely Ladies !!
Michelle858 ~ Back at Ya !!

HalfMoonRun, prima 3 mesifa

Great black & red styling. Charming set.

neverorever , prima 3 mesifa

Amazing look dear Kate O

Michelle858, prima 3 mesifa

H*A*P*P*Y* W*I*N*T*E*R*, Kate !
I adore those heart earrings and really cool boots heart

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