" Restoration "

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di Kate O
" Restoration " - Combinazione di moda
20 JAN 2021 ~ a noun ~ to put back into use or into a former state. Today begins the process of restoring the core values of Democracy with Hope, Faith, Tolerance, Kindness and hard Work. I am not expecting miracles, but, I am expecting " everyone" to do their part in healing and correcting the damage done by the misinformed !

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Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Hugs & Thanks !!

Michelle858, prima 1 mesefa

Wow ! Sweater and shoes are super outstanding ! Wonderful casual jeans outfit, Kate heart

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Thanks Sweetie !!

Niwi , prima 1 mesefa

xo smile

Diane1234, prima 1 mesefa

Fantastic set! Love this layout!

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Thanks Sweeties !!

HalfMoonRun, prima 1 mesefa

Great styling. Beautiful set perfectly well designed.

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Renita ~ ;-) I like it because it is a basic pair of jeans, sweater and booties. It's the puffer jacket that brings it all together and makes a cute outfit !! Hugs Sweetie !!

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Totally appreciate the nice comments, Thank You !!
Nymue ~ Hugs !!
Niwi ~ I remember Vero and I did a Happy Dance !! I also sat on my sofa and watch the Inauguration with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes !! So much a stake and so many wrongs to right !!! Thank You for taking this journey along side of me !! xoxo

Renita , prima 1 mesefa

I wish I had this outfit to wear tomorrow!

Nymue, prima 1 mesefa

Love this set so much, the colours, quote, layout. Love it

beautifulplace, prima 1 mesefa

Wow, perfect dear ❤️

neverorever , prima 1 mesefa

Fantastic dear Kateheart

Niwi , prima 1 mesefa

Do you remember Kate ? This is the day when we have to dance our happy little dance ! hehehe ! Perfect set for "today" smile
Hugs !! xoxo

lemo, prima 1 mesefa

excellent my dearheart

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