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di Kate O
RED !!- Combinazione di moda
17 OCT 2020 ~ Would Love to be able to wear red lipstick and I have tried over the years, but, I have not found any shade that works.
I am a natural Blonde (now silver grey) with very fair skin and blue eyes. Red lips just makes me look weird. So, no Red lips for me !!

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Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Good Monday Morning here in the US of A !! Hope your weekend was wonderful !! Love Red, just not on my lips !! ;-) Hugs Sweetie !!

Niwi , prima 1 mesefa

Beautiful and very classy Kate ! Yes, some colors are challenging to wear ;-)
Hugs ! xoxo

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Michelle858 ~ Thanks for the Link !! It is the same company !! Over the years I have had their Soy Candles and they didn't skimp on the fragrances !! Unfortunately they seem to have discontinued my Favorite Soy Candle called Tibetan Mountain Temple, Bummer !!

Michelle858, prima 1 mesefa

OMG ! I think it's the same company but I, on the other hand, wasn't aware that they made candles LOL !

Michelle858, prima 1 mesefa

The Make up company (Pacifica) is here in case you'd like to take a look

I will check out that candle and fragrance company smile

Kate O, prima 1 mesefa

Hugs & Thanks Lovely Ladies !!
Michelle858 ~ The Pacifica I know makes candles and fragrances. Makeup is news to me !!
Lottie Farren

HalfMoonRun, prima 1 mesefa

Chic and timeless styling. Classic designed set.

dehti, prima 1 mesefa

Pure glamour!

Michelle858, prima 1 mesefa

I never realized that Pacifica made candles ! How nice. Their lipstick line actually smells really nice.

Danijela , prima 1 mesefa

glamorous ❤

Doozer , prima 1 mesefa

This is stunning Sweetie!! XXO

Lottie Farren, prima 2 mesifa


Kate O, prima 2 mesifa

Hugs & Thanks Sweet Friends !!
Michelle858 ~ Thanks for the tip !! I Love Pacifica candles !! Don't use foundation anymore, just a tinted moisturizer and I do wear a dusty pink shade of lipstick. At this age I am low maintenance !! ;-)

lemo, prima 2 mesifa

wow,sensationellheartheartheartheartheart thank you so much my dear Kate for congratulations,GREETINGS!

JelNik, prima 2 mesifa


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