Let's Meet for Coffee

dalla collezione Autumn/Winter 2020 , Concorrenza 'Cozy Fall', prima 2 mesifa
di Renita
Let's Meet for Coffee- Combinazione di moda
One of my favorite things to do is meet my friends for coffee. I really miss that.

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Renita , prima 2 mesifa

Thank you!! HalfMoonRun

HalfMoonRun, prima 2 mesifa

Very, very beautiful styling and colours. Pretty well designed set.

Renita , prima 2 mesifa

Thank you my friends! justmetwo peewee PV BeBeauty Marina Dusanic beautifulplace

beautifulplace, prima 2 mesifa

Wonderfully styled! ❤️

Marina Dusanic, prima 2 mesifa


BeBeauty, prima 2 mesifa

excellent ♥

peewee PV, prima 2 mesifa

super cool

justmetwo, prima 2 mesifa

Fabulous look,coffee dates with friends are the best ♥

JelNik, prima 2 mesifa

Love this look! Great!

Renita , prima 2 mesifa

Michelle858 Hahaha, you are hilarious! I don't even know if 2Alices is open and I've never been to the one in Newburgh. I went to Mama Roux on Friday, it's across the street diagonally from 2Alices and it has great food. I like Dunkin Donut coffee the best and McDonald's has a pretty good cup of Joe as well. What I really miss is just getting together with friends for dinner. I have some friends that absolutely refuse to dine out right now. I have others that are still willing to go out, thank goodness because I would go stir crazy. Anyway, we're definitely going to meet up once the vaccine is out, right?

Michelle858, prima 2 mesifa

Is two Alices open ? I don't drink coffee or tea. The one in Nbg is next door to where I used to work (last full time job). If we meet at Two Alices, Crnwll : Renita sipping aromatic beverage, me just sitting there ROFL ! ! ! heart heart heart heart

lemo, prima 2 mesifa


countrycuz, prima 2 mesifa

cozy, and classy

dgia, prima 2 mesifa

Very beautiful set cozy and perfect for a coffee!xxx

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